We are Overforced.

Who are we?

We are a server with 400+ members whose main goal is to pair up good, non-toxic players with each other across all the various Overwatch ranks and platforms while maintaining a level of freedom and flexibility to allow players to can't commit to a consistent schedule to group up with other people and play comp. We are also creating a on-discord database of learning articles and videos for people to learn from. We also have a couple GM coaches and are always looking to expand our membership.

We are a cross-platform, cross-continent group, this means we have people on PSN, XBL, and Battle.net and players on both the EU, and NA servers.

We already have XBOX and PS4 competitive teams launched and are always looking for additional players for those teams.

In addition, we run our own PC league and are partners with Blackwatch Tower, The Forge, Deathstreak Assasins, Mythos, Better Academy, Overwatch League of Champions, Firewall Esports, Outback Overwatch, and Watchpoint OW.  In addition, we are getting ready to launch our own PC gaming league and partner with our friends to make it awesome.

We are specifically looking for Coaches right now to advise lower ranked players on how best to play the game and eventually move on to leadership roles.



Head of Overforced Gaming.

Discord link