In anticipation and build up for the upcoming league that we hope to launch soon, I am looking for a head of scheduling and scores. It is nothing too complicated, but it does require access to a computer that can use a web browser. The requirements are simple

1. Be able to use the internet.

2. Be able to enter data given to you by the Referee's who are present at the game.

3. Tell the teams who they are facing each week.

4. Set a deadline for the teams to get you the times that they are playing.

5. Enter the times into the web interface we will be using to keep track of things.

6. Schedule a time for a team if they fail to schedule one for them selves.

7. Learn how to use the web interface with training from the owner so that you can preform your job to the best standards that you can.

Please fill out this application if you think you will fit the task.