Meet the Staff

Connor TheMoroney (Alucard)

Connor, or as he goes by on the server TheMoroney, is the physical, spiritual, and emotional guide to everything that happens on the server.  If something exists on the server, chances are, somehow, someway, he had some means of dealing with it.

In all seriousness, TheMoroney is the community manager, server owner, site owner, and acts as the owner/final manager of all the competitive teams, providing guidance when needed.  He has done an extraordinary amount of backend programming not only on this site, but as well as on the discord server.  If something doesn't work the way it should, he will have the answer.

When he isn't struggling with the server, or the website, or his day job, he spends his time doing audio production in his home studio or playing video games.

Admin/Chief of bans

Mooney acts as one of the chief advisers and is very quick to respond when trouble arises on the server, reacting in an appropriate manner when necessary.  When he isn't doing his job, he and Tac are busy trying to give TheMoroney premature grey hair by making up trouble, causing TheMoroney to reevaluate some of his life choices.  But aside from that, he is the one who institutes bans when TheMoroney is not available.

Admin/ Head of PC Relations

Tac has been with the group since day 1.  He has been a powerful advisor and architect to the site, designing some of the original roles and putting in place some of the very infrastructure that TheMoroney has taken and built off.  Tac recently has taken on the responsibility of operating our Gold/Plat PC team and is so far doing a great job at getting them running.


Jetcat is another one who has been with the server since day 1.  He has been a great asset in helping to organize events and get people rolling in one direction as well as changing the conversation when TheMoroney is being too dense to realize that it needs to happen.

Quonos (Biggest Baddest Boopiest Beyotch)
CHIEF Moderator and Resident Canadian

TheMoroney has decided to not even bother writing this one and instead is going to let the man introduce himself.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, CHILDREN of ALL ages! The Overforced Community brings to you, its VERY own BIG BAD BOOPY DADDY and eccentric mod extraordinaire, Quonos! Hailing from the deepest, DARKEST corners of the great white north, I am here to bring order and stability to our new wor...wait...these are the wrong notes. Let's try that again I am here to support, mod and make new friends....and take the WWE World Title at WrestleMania!

Dammit. Wrong notes AGAIN. seriously. This is a place for new players and old our mod team and leadership are here for YOU the player. Overforced NEEDS you. I need you."

It was at this point that TheMoroney decided to take over and add some clarity. Quonos has been an invaluable asset to this server and we would not be where we are without him.  He has represented amazing level headedness even when the admins are not and has been able to steer the server back on track.  When Quonos is active you will know it.

Capt Clutch 381

Capt. is driven on cooperation and communication in order to maintain a functioning and fun team environment. One will find him putting in twice the work of all teammates to ensure success in the climb to come. As a psych graduate, Capt. prides himself on working with people and making sure that everything is at the best that it can be, and that everyone is the happiest they can be. So, communicating with him will result in 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. As an avid gamer for the last decade it is his mission to provide a pleasurable, competitive and casual environment for everyone to enjoy and grow together.